Paving the Way to Smart City: Hexing smart meter roll out in Johannesburg

Project at a glance

-  Employer: City Power                                                              city power pic 2.jpg

-  Supplier: Hexing Electrical SA (Pty) Ltd.

-  Project Duration: Aug. 07, 2013~ Jan.07, 2014

-  City: Johannesburg, SA

-  Meter Qty and Type:

25,000 single phase GPRS Meter

25,000 3-phase GPRS Meter

-  System: MDC System (50,000 points licenses)

Communication: GPRS

Project Results and Benefits

-            GPRS module is integrated to enhance remote meter reading and helps utility to realize the target of improving meter reading; Schedule and on-demand meter reading, as well as meter’s configuration via remote communication has greatly reduced utility’s labor cost;

-            Hexing’s MDC system enhanced the accuracy of meter reading and increased customer’s satisfaction on utility’s service.

-            Hexing meter’s anti-tampering facilities also contribute to reducing non-technical loss of the LV network.

-            MDC (AMI) allows utility to execute load limitation on users via dual way communication, which realizes peak time load shaving to ensure network performance.

-            Through adoption of open standards, Hexing MDC system is able to connect with 3rd party systems and meters. Interoperation of the system platform ensures the cost efficiency and future proof of the current solution.

-        Payment ratio has been improved to more than 96% in the areas after the implementation of smart STS meters.