ATC&C/Boundary Metering


Utility companies around the world suffering by different percentage of loss that can be optimized as a network development budget. Unexpected tamper rate, unmanaged electricity bill collection and variety of technical loss will make utilities blind to their revenue and electricity network performance.

Solution Overview

Hexing develops a mature loss management platform ATC&C (Aggregate Technical, Commercial & Collection) to monitor, locate and analysis a combination of different technical and non-technical losses. It represents overall and individual losses based on 4 different resources (feeder, transformer area, voltage level & zone). In case there is no access to some metering nodes over lack of communication channel in meter, an advanced HHU can collect data and immediately transfer to HES over cellular 3G/4G network.

ATC&C system is representing revenue protection concept over 3 mature individual platforms:

Technical loss based on fixed elements of network equipment and following calculation methods like lines and transformers

Commercial loss based on almost all kind of non-technical loss like tampers, faulty meters, incorrect readout & etc.

Collection loss based on overdue or any missing of electricity bill.

This platform developed for several applications that are common resources of loss in all distribution networks like distribution lines, distribution transformers, boundary areas, current transformers and end-user AMR/AMI meters.

  • HXT300

  • HXF300

  • HXJH3P.A2

  • HXJH3P.A3

  • HXJH3P.A5

  • HXJH3P.A7

  • XTC-S400

Key Benefits

Effectively enhancing utilities investment capabilities

Accurate demand planning

Tamper reduction

Outage risks reduction

Efficient asset management

Project value

· 除了传统的边界计量,海兴的边界计量方案延伸到台区计量,形成更加精细的区域线损可视化

· 基于有限的预算识别各个区域的线损数据,为线损治理提供量化的参照数据

· 帮助电力公司识别线损重灾区,确立电网改造、线损治理的优先级

· 促进各个责任区域之间的结构化竞争,为线损治理提供量化的绩效数据