Transaction Platform


The old and traditional way in sending, receiving, managing and processing the money transaction occurs between utilities and energy vendors, bring to the utilities many challenges. like, thinking how they can extend the vending footprint efficiently and reliability with less cost, managing a large number of Vendors with a huge number of transaction, Find the Right way to provide enough, correct information and create methods to help the customer to buy tokens.

Solution Overview

When it comes to managing the utilities’ mission-critical tasks, it needs solutions that are as reliable and accessible as they are accurate and technologically Intelligent. HEXPAY is a unified 3rd party specialized transaction management and account management platform, HEXPAY support cloud based deployment. it means that it is able to increase capacity, enhance functionality and add additional services on demand. provide customers with 24/7 access to important information and methods, reducing in-person visits and overdue utility bills, also it can help the utilities to manage a huge number of Energy vendors and all related transactions. 

Key benefits

·    Performs fast calculations of transactions and the system logs full records of every activity.

·    Manage the Contracts, commission, and reconciliation between the utility and energy vendors.

·    Let utilities focus on their core business and release them from the burden of operation and it costs.

·    Save the cost of IT equipment and infrastructure.

·    Integration with other Legacy System through CIM standard such as vending, billing…etc.

Project value


· 提供更加明晰的、透明的、有效的交易管理、账户管理

· 更低的初始性资本投入

· 保证金的模式降低了电力公司的资金风险

· 更广泛的售电渠道给用户带来购电和支付的便利