Undoubtedly substations are one of the most important part of electrical energy industry with big number of costly equipment and operations providing smart automation opportunities instead of manual data processing. Fast and accurate reaction to the resulting automated system will guarantee a reliable electricity network as well as maturing analyzed data.

Solution Overview

Substation Automation System (SAS) is a full automated monitoring and controlling system designed for generation, transmission and distribution substations to precisely track the situation of equipment and unexpected faults. This advanced platform digitizes various manual operations into one resilient structure based on IEC61970, IEC61968, IEC61850 and IEC60870 series standards.

Hexing' SAS as a complementary part of smart distribution package delivers automated management system to utilities centralizing variety of enhanced monitoring, protection, controlling and stabilizing functions. It works based on a mature SCADA platform and several subsidiary objects like protocol converter to fully operate a substation and equipment like protection relays, BCU, CBs & measurement devices.

Hexing SAS has an important role in managing various types of generation (power planet), transmission and distribution substations.

Key Benefits

Improving substation management process

Facilitation monitoring and protection processes

Maximizing failure prevention by fast and accurate monitoring

Optimizing substation crew' operational performance

Enhancing voltage and frequency quality

Remote accessibility to substations from control center and web application

Project value