Hexing DA Solution Enhances KE’s Grid Efficiency and Reliability

Hexing DA solution helped KE set up a network model for dynamic visibility in 24/7 into grid’s operational status. According to this interface, operators now can easily access real time information of each grid segment. Whenever outage happens, the DA can perform fast analysis, alert operators visually and notify repair crew automatically. Automatic fault detection and location save the time for field visit, which finally reduces outage interval.

Before the project, KE has to assign crew regularly for field inspection and make records manually. Now, with the smart devices and powerful applications, operators get accurate and real-time information from each point of the distribution feeders and substations. These data is carefully stored and processed by backhaul system and can be queried in anytime.

Hexing DMS provides red and green color flagging to show communication status of each grid segment accordingly. Red flag means the communication is failed and need repair crew for trouble shooting. While, for the green ones, data communication works well and the information collected is credible.

Before implementation of this system, KE have to spend much time for data analysis and reporting under manual mode. Now, KE operators only need to click the buttons and various reports can be generated automatically.