Line Loss Allocation: ENSA rolls out Transformer Monitoring Program in Panama

Project at a glance

-  Employer: ENSA

-  Contractor: Hexing Electrical Co Ltd.

-  Order Date: Jan. 27, 2015

-  Area: Panama

-  Meter Qty and Type:

888 External CT (split type)

444 PVC meter Boxes

444 RF transformer meters

Cluster metering box: 360 units

-  System: AMI (to be)

-  Communication: uplink-GPRS; Downlink-RF

Project Highlights 

-            Hexing developed specific meters with flexible designing for single phase transformer metering in Panama;

-            Reliable split type CT makes it easy for installation on existing transformer and maintenance during operation period;

-            Cluster meter box is embedded with 8 or 18 meters and positioned under each transformer, which enhances the facility of anti-tampering;

-            In the first phase of the program, before the installation of AMI system, CIU is adopted to communicate with single phase transformer through RF technology;

-            In the second phase of the program, AMI system will be installed to assists utility to pinpoint line loss and detect suspicious tamper events;

-            AMI system remotely communicates with transformer meters, which helps utility to save labor cost for field inspection and maintenance.