Future Energy East Africa


The Future Energy East Africa was held in Nairobi from 29th to 30th November 2017.

During the event, 70 global solution providers demonstrated their products and services related to the electrical grid including generation, transmission, distribution, smart metering, etc.

During the 2 days side conference, several speakers gave speeches on the future trend of renewable energy.


Hexing caught the step of the trend and demonstrated a Micro Grid solution with three application scenarios: 

A.      Micro Grid for Remote village:

It provides electricity for rural areas to enhance the lifestyle and income of residents.

B.      Micro Grid for Island:

This solution will assist utilities to electrify Islands, in order to provide a sustainable environment for inhabitants.

C.      Micro Grid for Industrial & Mining Enterprises

For industrial and mining enterprises, Micro Grid is an appropriate solution to moderate the costs of electricity.    

Hexing’s “end-to-end solution” in an all-inclusive package from Distributed Generation, to Metering, Energy Vending and Cash collection attracted a lot of visitors.